GES administers, supervises and certifies elections; strengthens oversize governance; increases member participation and reduces costs.

GES is unique in its ability to integrate multiple methods of voting;

paper ballots, Internet voting, touch screen voting or any combination of these.


​Management has conducted hundreds of seminars at Union Conventions on “How to get elected” and

“How to stay in office”.

The GES team has conducted elections  in over 42 States and United States Territories and at many National and International Conventions.

Integrity in Voting. 

35 years of management team experience.

Management has worked effectively with the United States Justice Department and the United States Department of Labor (OLMS) to conduct, organize and run elections which have been certified as fair by various State and Federal Agencies.

GES has unique capabilities to plan and manage complex elections across multiple vertical industries that involve multiple methods of voting.

GES conducted the first nationwide labor union leadership election incorporating Internet voting. GES also conducts affiliation and ratification votes, many of which are adaptable to online voting. Our electronic services replicate time-proven election procedures established over the long history of organized labor.

​GES has the ability to retain existing clients and compete for and win new, large Tier 1 clients, further validating the company’s market share and growth potential.



Customer  Benefits

Global Election Services, Inc. (GES) provides comprehensive technology-enabled election services to organizations such as labor unions, credit unions, colleges and universities, residential groups and trade associations. GES senior staff have been supervising elections since 1981, having managed over 8,500 elections involving more than 40,000,000 voters – none of which have been overturned. Management has an extremely strong reputation in the market and a very extensive longtime customer list.  

It is paramount for GES to maintain 

One Member =One Vote Integrity.